Hey girl! I’m Sandy and I’m on a mission.

I Help Driven Amateur Entrepreneurs Unlock Their Inner Warrior To Become A Savvy Six-Figure CEO By Unleashing The Power Of Their Mind For Unstoppable Growth

Grab My Proven 90 Day Goal Setting Strategy

The Exact Steps I Used to Create A Six Figure Business


I help women play a bigger game…by breaking through their mental blocks and fears empowering them to create a life and business they love.

No more settling for being content or just an okay life. It’s time for a life that excites you to get out of bed everyday.

Here’s the secret, your business success is a reflection of you and your mindset.

It’s not about having a flashy website or graphics.

It’s not about your smooth closing and sales skills! It’s not even how skilled you are at your craft.

It’s all about YOU!

I’ll give you the tools to empower you to have the confidence and fearless leadership that naturally attracts your tribe


A selection of blogs, videos and goodness to help you become unstoppable.


Savvy CEO Club will teach you Power of your Mind, Sales, Persuasion, Leadership and so much more.


Partner with me to live a life of time and financial freedom. I am building a tribe of warrior woman who want to create a life they love.

Grab My Proven 90 Day Goal Setting Strategy

The Exact Steps I Used to Create A Six Figure Business

About Me

An introverted corporate marketing professional built a six-figure business part time from scratch by learning to step out of her comfort zone and into her full potential…but she didn’t do it alone.

Building a business takes hard work, consistency and perseverance.

And that’s so true. But girl, it’s a lot bigger than what you’ll read in any business book. There’s a critical layer to building a successful business (and life) that most people aren’t talking about…there’s a mental side to all of this.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve learned that you really can’t talk about business success without talking about your mindset and belief system. You can only go so far without the right mindset.

Understanding how to break through your mental blocks is key to having what you desire. You can have the greatest skills but without the right mindset you’ll get stopped in your tracks.

I have enjoyed working with Sandy this past year because she has helped me to identify my focus for building my health business online. Sandy’s skills and ability to identify exactly what her clients need to be doing – and put together a plan to do it – is priceless. It feels so good not to be guessing what I should be doing. Thank you Sandy

Sandy is easy to work with! She is patient, very knowledgeable and excels at creating a step-by-step plan specific to each client’s needs. Her wealth of experience definitely speaks volumes.

Sandy is an incredible mentor. All I can say is WOW! Talk about adding positivity to your life. Not only does she believe in you, she makes you believe in yourself!! She helps setting real, REASONABLE goals that are attainable, and helps you get to where you want to be in life. She helped me not only mentally, but gave me real answers on how to get where I wanted to be. She won’t accept excuses, which is exactly the type of person I needed. I am a full believer of going after what you want in life, all thanks to Sandy. I have been told in the past not to believe that you have to follow the traditional corporate job path in life, but she helped me not only believe it, but achieve it as well. If you need help getting where you want in life, Sandy is the lady to go to. I have never felt so alive after a single conversation!! She’s an awesome listener, she’s supportive, and the most tenacious and positive person I have ever met. I am so grateful for all she has done for me. Just…WOW!

From our very first meet-up at a coffee shop, I could tell Sandy was a listener. She heard me. She asked questions. And then she offered ideas and suggestions in a non-judgmental way. And I hadn’t even hired her! That’s just who she is. The combination of her vast knowledge and experience and a compassionate solution-oriented nature makes working with Sandy pure gold.

The moment I met Sandy, I realized I needed her in my circle of trusted advisors that would impact my business in a very big way. Then when we met to review my business needs it became even more apparent, that she not only could help me in area’s I knew I needed assistance in but she had the gift and skill of the big picture. She not only saw what the whole puzzle looked like as a finished product, but could navigate putting together the pieces, one by one. To have Sandy in your circle is to have a gift of knowledge, a gift of skill that only come from that 10,000 hours of practice until it’s perfect. She is truly an outlier – as Malcolm Gladwell, the author of the book “Outliers”, so kindly refers to those that are the best and the brightest. that defines Sandy Sinden.

Sandy was amazing I reached out to her when I first started my business. She really gave me clarity on what exactly my niche was and the steps I needed to follow as I was just starting out. She helped me organize a calendar so I could see exactly what needed to be done and when. I highly recommend Sandy!

Sandy has helped me navigate the ever-changing world of social media. I’ve struggled with creating a routine that makes social media marketing easy. Her experience has opened my eyes to a better strategy and work flow to create results in my business.

My mission is to love on and serve other people by mentoring women to master the confidence, focus and mindset game to reach new levels.

I develop women to become strong business leaders and achieve the financial goals they want. Each and every day, I help woman break through their fears, gain confidence, develop their leadership – all of this while supporting their families and the people they love. I help women, just like you, to create the dream lives on their own terms.

If you’re ready for more freedom while playing the biggest game of your life, I’m hear to help you.

If you want to partner with me let’s talk.

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